Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fun Moments in Travel: Intro & Episode 1


One thing I love to do is travel. I enjoy going places outside of my normal routine and, depending on the location, I have been known to spend months making detailed plans from what time to leave the house to where we are going to have dinner on the last night.  I do this because it makes me happy.  For me, the time spent planning the trip is just as fun as the trip itself.  With that said, even with all the planning, unexpected things pop up that weren't expected.  This series of "Fun Moments in Travel" is meant to share with you, my readers, what has happened to us on our life travels in no particular order.

Fun Moments in Travel - Episode 1

Recently, we took a trip to our annual family reunion and stayed at an absolutely beautiful cottage built in the 1920s.  Located next to a state park in the woods, the setting was perfect to retreat to after going out for day trips and attending the family reunion.  The porches (yes, plural) invited us to sit outside and enjoy our surroundings.

The first night there, Ben and I settled down in our bedroom and sleep came easy in the comfortable bed.  In the early morning hours, I awoke with quite a start from a solid sleep to the sound of something flying back and forth in the room.  Ben was still asleep.  I woke him up with, "Ben, it's a bat!"  "It's not a bat," he said wearily.  "Ben, it's a bat."  He hopped out of bed, turned on the light and exclaimed, "Oh my God!  It's a bat!"

I said, "I told you it was a bat," then I proceeded to giggle uncontrollably while pulling the covers over me with only my eyes peeping out when the bat flew by.  Ben pulled the quilt off the bed and attempted to capture the bat in the quilt.  I continued to giggle hysterically.

How no one else in the house woke up while this was going on continues to be a mystery because we were certainly not quiet while this was happening. Ben told me to leave the room so he could work on catching the bat without my incessant giggling under the covers.  I complied and ran out the door as the bat was flying in the opposite direction.  A few minutes later, Ben walked down the stairs with a pillowcase in hand, with a bat in it.  We went to the back porch and released the bat.  Since we were both wide awake at 3:00 or 3:30 in the morning, we decided it was a perfect time for coffee.

The room we were sleeping in had a door leading to the attic and there was a small gap at the bottom of the door.  Ben deduced that this is where the bat came from and stuffed a towel under the door.  We had no more bat shows the rest of the stay.

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