Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fun Moments in Travel - Episode 2

Who doesn't love Disney?  Boy do I have some stories to share with these trips!  When we go to Disney, we travel with one of our family friends.  We each rent our own cars so we can come and go with more flexibility.  On one occasion, we planned a special lunch at Sanaa to dine with an animal specialist.  Afterwards, our friends were heading over for a horseback ride to celebrate their daughter's birthday.

On said morning, their daughter accidently locked their rental car keys in the car.  Upon calling a company to get the doors unlocked, they were told the time they would arrive would be after we needed to leave to get to the lunch on time.  The Dad insisted that we go on without him to which we all refused.  Somehow, it was decided that they would all ride in our car, which seats five.  The trunk was open to the backseat so the Dad would ride, technically, in the trunk to get there.

For about half of the trip there, I worried about getting into a car accident or being pulled over but then realized if anything bad is going to happen, it is going to happen.  Worrying will not change the outcome.  Every time Ben hit the brake, the Dad would hem and haw in the back and throw himself around - he was having a blast!  When we pulled up to Sanaa, our friends said to use the valet parking (they had free valet parking with their plan).  As the valet workers came out to open the doors, they were quite surprised to see a grown man rolling out of the trunk but kept it professional. 

After lunch, they were going to have courtesy transportation to the horseback riding location but were told it would be at least 30 minutes before the transportation would arrive, which would make them late.  We insisted that we could take them where they needed to go and get there in time.  They agreed and when the valet brought up the car, they opened the trunk for the Dad and said, "Sir," while motioning to the trunk.  As we pulled away, we all had a good laugh.  I like to think we also brought a laugh to the valet crew.

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