Friday, March 28, 2014

Foil Eggs are the Gateway to Bad Things

Now that St. Patty’s Day has passed, we look to Easter.  I realize that Easter is a celebration of Jesus.  Halleluiah!  Okay, with that said, I would like to share with you a memory from my childhood that did not happen on Easter but happened sometime within the month before Easter.  My Mom needed to go to the pharmacy one day and brought my brother and me along for the ride.  While she was buying something, my brother and I were perusing the toy and candy aisles.  Afterwards, my Mom stopped at a friend’s house and left us in the car.

My brother was messing with something in the front seat and I leaned up to see what was going on.  He had taken a Big Bird toy and a Cadbury egg from the store!  I had never seen a Cadbury egg so I asked to see it.  Then, Mom walked back to the car.  I tried to give the egg back to my brother but he wouldn’t take it.  My Mom opened the door, sat in the seat then looked over at my brother.  She was floored!  Then, she saw that I had the egg in my hand.

After a hyper-freak lecture about how we were shoplifting and stealing (I think I asked her what shop lifting was, hence the discussion about stealing), she drove us back to the pharmacy to return the stolen goods and apologize profusely to the cashier.  I remember bawling my eyes out telling my Mom I didn’t take it and her not believing me (which, as an adult, I can understand now but then again, knowing my brother…).  My brother had no tears.  I refer to this attitude as whatever.

To this day, I do not like those large Cadbury eggs with their shiny foil.  Somehow, being falsely accused of shoplifting and forced to apologize through a waterfall of tears left a bad taste in my mouth.  I've never really trusted Big Bird since this incident either.  Happy Easter!!

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