Sunday, December 31, 2017

It's the end of the year as I know it and I feel fine: A wrap up on my 2017 resolution, Be More

The second half of the year went by in a blur.  Sometimes, it was dragging me along as I waved my white flag of surrender and other times, I was flying high.  Here are some updates from my 2017 resolution: Be More.

Be more giving.
Last time I updated you, I mentioned I wanted to look into volunteering for something that would take me way out of my comfort zone.  I made the crazy decision to volunteer for our Girl Scout Service Unit's Fall Product Sales Manager.  I was really intimidated at first because the training was pretty limited and it was hard to know what I was getting into ahead of time.  It turned out to be a lot easier than I expected but still a lot of work.  I didn't tally the total hours but if I were to make a conservative guess, I'd put it at around 30 hours.  I went into it thinking it would be a day here and a day there but it did take more effort than that.  Was it worth it?  I say yes.  I actually enjoyed it once it was all said and done (though, technically, I'm still not done because I have the earns for the troops to give out that came just before Christmas).

Be more well read.
I've read a few more books since my last post.  Robert Fulghum's Third Wish was the first one I conquered and I use that word because, while I enjoyed the first four parts of this 850+ page novel, I had to drag myself through the last part.  It should have ended at four but, to be honest, my attention on what was going on in the fifth part was not really there since the author lost me when it picked up at the author's house that wasn't the actual author's house but the author's house of the story.  Maybe it was the actual author's house and that's where I checked out.  You can't win them all.  The next book I read was Momzillas by Jill Kargman.  This was a very predictable, easy read book about a west coast mom relocated to New York City via her husband's job relocation.  I finished this book over the course of less than a week.  The last book I read this year was You'll Never Know, Dear by Hallie Ephron.  This book states that it is, "A Novel of Suspense," but, again, this was a predictable read and I have to admit, I skipped over two or three chapters in the middle just so I could get to the point.  So, overall, these books weren't all good or all bad but they all had positives.  I look forward to finding my next book and the next one and so on.

Be more inspiring.
What started as 30 days of positive or funny quotes on facebook turned into 60 days.  Shortly after those days, I decided to post 30 of my favorite pictures.  Some pictures were favorites because of the people in them, others were the memories they invoke and some were just plain pretty.  I've tried to be more positive at home and at work.  I am fortunate to have the life I have with the family and friends I get to share it with.

My resolution for 2018 is simplify.  Let's see where that goes.

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