Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fun Moments in Travel - Episode 10

We thought it would be nice to go for a family outing one Saturday evening for Ben to go fishing, the kid to take pictures and for me to take a walk.  Actually, the idea was more like I wanted to go for a walk and Ben wanted to go fishing and the kid didn't want to go anywhere.  We left later than I would have liked due to what I will refer to as a kid strike.  These usually involve an extensive amount of time spent in the bathroom "getting ready," followed by an attempted negotiation by the kid to stay home which is shut down by the usual, "This is not a negotiation speech," which leads to the need to go pick out socks then, painstakingly, the kid manages to get into the vehicle with a look of petulance that a photographer can only dream about capturing at a photo shoot.

Less than an hour to go before sunset, we manage to get to our destination.  We don't have much time so I tell Ben to go park by the water.  It is not as warm as it was supposed to be so I know it's going to be a quick, cold walk.  The kid stays in the car to draw and we don't even bother to discuss it.  We got where we wanted to be in spite of the kid strike.

I get going for a walk and make it to the other side of the pond, take a few pictures and notice that someone has parked their car directly behind ours.  Weird, why would someone park there?  I look over to see Ben put down his fishing pole and say something to someone but I can't tell if the kid got out of the car or if it is someone else.  I try to listen for voices.  Is he getting robbed?  Is the kid in the car still?  What is going on over there?

Oh well, no screams, so I keep walking around a bit more, taking a few more pictures but the car is still there.  I start to walk back over but wonder if I need to call 911 or take pictures of the car or something so I hesitate about halfway back.  I send a text to Ben, "Okay over there?"  "Yep."  "Ready to go?"  No response.  "I don't see you fishing."  No response.  I wonder if he's really okay or the person robbing him made him type that so I call and try to look like it's not me calling from 200 feet away, just in case I really should be calling 911.  A robber would totally fall for that - some eyewitness missing the entire crime because she's calling someone while looking at the tree in the water.  Seems legit.  Ben answers hurriedly, "Where's your insurance card!?"  I try to tell him it is in the glove box and he says, "He's back, gotta go."

I decide it is safe to approach and get to the car after the other car has left.  Apparently, a police SUV car.  It turns out, I told Ben to park in a permit only parking lot.  He also didn't have his fishing license nor could he find proof of insurance in my car (which I showed him in less than 5 seconds when I got to the car).  Each instance was a $100 fine, though we could go to court to fight the insurance one.  Fortunately, Ben didn't get anything but a warning.  Our car ride home was mostly quiet with a few noises from the back seat about how we shouldn't have gone out and, especially, not brought the kid along.

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