Sunday, June 10, 2012

What My Grandmom Taught Me

      I came across this as I was looking over some documents on my desktop.  My Grandmom passed just over six months ago.  I miss her constantly but am so so thankful for the memories we have shared.

      When we love, love deeply and wholly.

Speak kind words.  As Plato says, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  I also like to consider Jenny Lawson (also known as The Bloggess’), added information for our times, “So they’re likely carrying weapons.”  I honestly can’t remember a time I heard Grandmom say something unkind.  I would love to reach that level of kindness.

Take care of our family.  In sickness and health, in good times and bad.  
Do what we love.  If we don’t do what we love, why are we doing it?

Being independent does not mean you are alone.

When all else fails, pray.  My God is a good, gentle God.  Prayer eases worries and brings clarity to unexpected answers.

Be thankful for everything – life is a blessing but we fail to realize that death is, too.  Death sets us free from the pains of this world and allows us to be better.  While we are here, we need to look around and be thankful.  For everything.

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